Play Dough - Frozen

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Frozen - Coconut Scented Play Dough - 110g

Are you looking for a unique gift that’s both safe and fun? This product is one kids won’t be able to put down.

Our Frozen coconut-scented play dough is one of our signature scents. Cool in colour and big on fun, help your children learn and grow with hands-on activity time. We strive to create colours and scents that can be enjoyed by little ones and adults alike.


Hand-crafted by the Dough my Dear Australian team, they create toxin-free child-friendly products in unique scents and colours – from coffee to strawberry, and our signature ‘Frozen’ scent in coconut.  The Dough my Dear range is safe for little hands and mouths. While we don’t recommend eating our products, we recognise that accidents can happen when there are little people involved!

Check out our extensive range to see how you can bring home colourful fun for kids of all ages.