Snackie Cups

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Introducing the newest bare essential, the collapsible Silicone Snackie Cup!

These babies are completely plastic free. Made from soft food grade silicone, which is BPA Free, non-toxic, and can withstand high heat and freezing cold temperatures, the Bare snackie cups are odour and stain resistant, hypoallergenic and SO easy to clean, just like our other bare essentials.

The Bare snackie cup is lightweight, easy to hold and has a really soft mouth so it doesn’t hurt any tiny hands reaching in for snacks.

Your little one can shake or rattle their snackie cups, and everything stays inside! Perfect for home, car trips, pram rides and eating on the go!

The Bare snackie cups are portable and fold up after use for easy storage... seriously, how good is that?! Each snackie cup comes with a dust proof lid and cotton drawstring bag.

Dishwasher safe, no yucky chemicals, and available in 4 ridiculously good looking winter colours: 

  • Dusty Rose 
  • Dusty Blue 
  • Rust 
  • Taupe